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circuit day 2008
pot pourri on St. Martin's

Photographic Exhibition

During the summer of 2008 the chapel members have put together a photographic exhibition entitled "Life on an island - Then and Now". All our members were involved in delving their albums and photo boxes! The result has proved very popular and shows the differences in all aspects of island life during the photographic age. If you are coming to
the islands then please visit the chapel schoolroom.

Outside the chapel in the early 1900s









In his law the islands will put their hope

Isaiah 42:4

"This is real history, the children were fascinated - a joy to see"  A visitor comment

* The exhibition cannot continue at the moment because of building improvements *

the chapel decorated for harvest celebrated on the first weekend of September, click to enlarge pictures


September Services
s indicates communion service included

September 5th                             1500 led by Revd Carole Holmes            

September 12th                           1500 led by Revd Carole Holmes             

            September 19th                           1500 led by Revd Carole Holmes                             

     September 26th                          1500 led by Revd Carole Holmes s               

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