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Welcome to our Isles of Scilly Methodist website.  We will welcome everyone to our churches as eventually when things return to normal (see below).

In our June/July 2021 In Touch newsletter we look forward to continuing our work and witness through Easter and Pentecost in these difficult times as far as we are able. Thankfully the covid vaccine programme is being rolled out across the islands and soon we may be able to mix more freely. As Christians we rejoice that our Saviour is with us through all that life throws at us.

A new service has been introduced by the national Methodist Church. It consists of two free phone lines:

for a prayer at this time dial           : 0808 281 2514

for the Methodist current news line dial : 0808 281 2478

Important coronavirus update - the Isles of Scilly are currently in partial lockdown and we will hold limited services in our churches. Click on the links for the churches news to find the plans for each church.

This page will be updated as things improve.

Here is a link to video messages from our chair of district during this time:

Revd Steve Wild.

If you are a facebook member you can view useful items on the scillymethodists facebook page .

The Revd Michael Pullan gives us this June 13th

Readings Mark4 v 26-34, Ezekiel 17 v 22-24,
2Corinthians 5 v 6-10 and14-17

Seeds - sowing and growing - pictures of God's kingdom.

In my student days a book we were recommended to read was "Parables of the Kingdom" by C .H. Dodd.

Here in Mark, Jesus is telling the parables of the Kingdom ... They are simple analogies and comparisons taken from familiar, everyday life experiences - each had an essential meaning and reflected a facet of the kingdom's mystery.

A seed's growth or the size of its harvest is not controlled by the farmer who plants it. Its growth is secret and yet almost certain.

God alone controls the process

The mustard seed's growth is by God's power, it may reach 3 metres high but remains a shrub (and not a tree). Birds may perch on its branches, but never nest there (Mark reflecting perhaps the universal nature of the church). Its growth from a microscopic seed to this mirrors the Kingdom's growth from its small beginnings in Galilee.

Our own experience may question this, religious practice has declined in the west over the last 70 years with an obsession with materialism etc. but the Christian church continues to grow in Africa, South America, the Far East and Russia and this is the church militant (The church triumphant does not lose members and so keeps on growing). Growth is dependent on serving the Kingdom. The Kingdom and the church are not identical It's possible to serve the Kingdom without belonging to the church and to be a church member and not a servant of the kingdom.

Ezekiel reminds us of Israel's exaltation and God's power in all growth. Paul reminds us of what Christ can do for and with individuals who trust in Him, give them a new start, a new perspective on God, others and themselves. The basis for a growing kingdom through service (great or small).

A prayer for this time provided by our minister, Revd Michael Pullan:

When this is over,
may we never again take for granted,
a handshake with friend or stranger,
full shelves at the store,
conversations with neighbours.
a crowded theatre,
Friday night out,
the taste of communion.
a routine check-up
the school run each morning.
coffee with friends,
the stadium roaring,
each deep breath,
a boring Tuesday
Life itself.

When this ends
may we find that we have become more like
the people we wanted to be,
were called to be,
may we stay that way,
better for each other because of the worst.


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Neither height nor depth, nor anything else
in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

   Romans 8:39

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